Blogging for the PT Project

Since my last post, the PT Project has taken me on as a blogger. Here’s my introductory post for them: Hi All, I’m taking over the PT Project’s Twitter account — check it out @thePTproject — and will also be blogging about being a PT student, so I want to introduce myself. I first considered… Continue reading Blogging for the PT Project

Writing about PT, and Asking Questions

I just saw a tweet soliciting writers and editors for The PT Project. It sounded like a great opportunity, so I responded right away. I really like the idea of continuing to write and/or edit for a PT website besides my own if possible, so I hope it works out. ~~~ I’ve been thinking recently… Continue reading Writing about PT, and Asking Questions

Almost a Full Recovery

Many people are curious about what kind of recovery Rep. Gabrielle Giffords can be expected to make after being shot in the head. While each case is different, The New York Times managed to find someone who suffered a similar gunshot wound and documented the progress he has made in the two years since. After… Continue reading Almost a Full Recovery

PT May Only be Half the Battle

Besides helping me in getting to know and communicate with my future patients, my psychology background will serve an additional purpose: helping me relate to and understand patients who may be suffering not only physically, but also mentally.                                   In addition to physical pain, almost every patient no doubt suffers from some kind of emotional… Continue reading PT May Only be Half the Battle