Jasmine as a Performance Enhancer

For obvious reasons, I’m intrigued by the recent news that the smell of jasmine has been used to enhance athletic performance. Now to test it on myself …

Jasmine as a Performance Enhancer


PT Makes Another Best Jobs List

CareerCast named Physical Therapy the 13th best job for 2012 based on the following criteria: “Physical Demands, Work Environment, Income, Stress and Hiring Outlook.”

In particular, they seem to site PT for having a great outlook and a low stress environment. 

(My former career path made the Worst Jobs list!)

PT Makes Another Best Jobs List

Think Like a Doctor

There’s a great column in The New York Times where they describe a patient with mysterious symptoms in a blog post, and then reveal what the diagnosis is a few days later. The most recent one involves a patient with physical symptoms that could have initially sent her to a Physical Therapist. 
Here’s the description of her symptoms, and here’s her diagnosis. Very interesting.

Think Like a Doctor

Internships Abroad

While this link is intended for medical students, I think it can apply to PT students too. For these and other reasons, I’m interested in the possibility of doing one of my future clinical internships in Israel (or maybe even Spain).

Internships Abroad