Here’s an article from Elle Magazine about one journalist’s quest to improve her posture. She uses a wide array of technique, and I love that instead of just asking an MD to help her, she seeks two PTs and a few other types of practitioners for advice.

The unfortunate thing about this article is that it doesn’t really offer an practical, easy-to-follow steps. Instead, what works for her is a unique combination of treatment that she manages to find in New York City. While I’m glad she found a solution that works for her, I wish she also offered some advice for readers to follow.


Celebs with Lower Limb Injuries

I’ve previously written about celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt and Halle Berry injuring themselves and needing PT, and today E! News has a video about another crop of celeb injuries. Brooke Shields brought a cane (and comfy flip flops!) with her to the fancy Met Ball due to a torn meniscus, “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco sported a bright pink boot on set because of a broken foot, and singer Jessie J wore a leopard print boot on the red carpet after rupturing a ligament in her foot.

I remember how upset I was when I sprained my ankle, and I know that similar injuries can be devastating to patients even when the chance of a full recovery is high. It’s always great to hear celebrities having a positive attitude about their ailments, while continuing to live their lives normally. I also remember how awkward it was to hobble around school in my boot, and how ugly it was when I had to wear it with a fancy dress to a formal family affair. Maybe my spirits would have brightened if had someone offered me a fun, colorful boot!

Celebs with Lower Limb Injuries