Applying to Physical Therapy School: Where to Apply

Now that I’m about a month away from starting PT school, I realize that along the way I’ve gained some experience that may be helpful to others. Although each applicant is different, and I’m sure my thoughts will change as I go through school, this is what helped me make decisions. To start off, here are… Continue reading Applying to Physical Therapy School: Where to Apply

PT Helping Olympics Athletes

Happy Olympics, everyone! Here’s an inspirational story about Irish Olympic Gymnast Kieran Behan. He overcame nerve damage in his leg from a botched surgery AND overwhelming dizziness after a head injury to beat doctors predictions that he would never walk again. 

One line in particular credits his success to PT:

Nearly two years after his accident and after unrelenting physical therapy, Kieran Behan — the miracle boy, doctors said — regained his hand-eye coordination and got back onto his feet again.

PT Helping Olympics Athletes

And this is the PT room

I enjoy looking at the slide shows in the NYT real estate section, but I’ve never seen this before; a house in Raleigh, NC has a bedroom used for Physical Therapy.

So was the homeowner a PT who treated patients in the house, or a patient who enjoyed receiving treatment at home?

And this is the PT room

Personal Training and Physical Therapy

A recent article in the NYT notes that the personal training industry is booming: “From 2001 to 2011, the number of personal trainers grew by 44 percent, to 231,500, while the overall number of workers fell by 1 percent." One reason that personal training is growing also applies to Physical Therapy: the population is growing older… Continue reading Personal Training and Physical Therapy

The Pre-PT Adventure: Student Bloggers in PT school

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I’ve put this little list together of bloggers who are currently in PT school and are writing about their experiences at different schools. I find it really interesting to see others’ perspectives on what I’ll be doing in about a year.

If you ever want to be added to this list and are primarily…

The Pre-PT Adventure: Student Bloggers in PT school