Hurricane Sandy

Unlike many others in the tri-state area, I’m lucky to have retained power and been relatively unaffected by Hurricane Sandy. However, millions of others have been affected, and you can see some of the damage in pictures taken by my friend Munier. As a health sciences student in New York City, my thoughts are especially… Continue reading Hurricane Sandy

Hi Jasmine, I saw your tumblr post about the PTCAS and I just finished applying to school. I am stuck between two schools (assuming I get into both). What do you think is most important when choosing between the two? Also silly question, but is there any “school supplies” you need in grad school, like a stethoscope or anything like that? Thanks so much!

I ended up having the opportunity to choose between two schools and it was a great problem to have! I’ve written a bit about how to choose between schools before, but are there any glaring differences between the two schools that you’re deciding between?

Hey so I saw your Tumblr post about PTCAS and I’m planning to be a PT too. The problem being that I still haven’t taken my GREs and it’s already mid October. I was planning to take them in two weeks from now. Do you think that as if I complete everything else and then hand it in by that date, I can make the deadline for my schools in December?

I think this could work depending on how quickly your GRE scores come in, but my advice would be to ask PTCAS and ask the schools you’re applying to individually to see if this will work for them. Good luck!

Dreaming of Anatomy

Ever since I used to read the science-for-kids magazines that my parents ordered for me when I was little, I’ve been especially interested in dreams. This interest only deepened in college when I took a psychology course on sleeping and dreaming. So it’s been fascinating for me that since I started PT school five weeks… Continue reading Dreaming of Anatomy