Two Year Blog-aversary – A Look Back

Before March is out, I want to acknowledge the two year anniversary of my blog, which I started March 9, 2011. At that time, I was living in Israel and solidifying my decision to become a PT. I was looking into schools and pre-reqs. I hadn’t yet had any PT experience outside of having been to PT myself. I hadn’t taken the majority of my pre-reqs. I didn’t know where to apply to school, and didn’t yet know all the great schools I’d get into. I didn’t know what school would be like – that it would be so simultaneously hard and interesting. I didn’t know about the great friends and great professors I’d meet. While my graduation date in May 2015 sometimes seems impossibly far away, it’s inspiring to look back and see how far I’ve come.

Two Year Blog-aversary – A Look Back

White Coat Makes You Smarter

I waited a few hours after my white coat ceremony to actually take off the white coat, and wore it proudly home and around my apartment. Wearing the coat made me feel especially respectable, and like people on the street were looking at me differently. Turns out, I was on to something. Scientists studying enclothed… Continue reading White Coat Makes You Smarter


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My White Coat Ceremony

Today was our class’s white coat ceremony, and I’m surprised by how emotional it was. After seven months of hard work, it was moving to receive special recognition from our professors and families. The coat made me even more eager for our upcoming field trips at Cornell and Columbia NYPress, and also to begin our… Continue reading My White Coat Ceremony

Midsemester Reflections

One of my all time best studying memories (if that’s even a thing) was junior year in college when I took History of Rock ‘N Roll. To prep for my second pre-lim (Cornell-speak for “midterm”) on 60’s and 70’s music, I called my dad. I discussed my notes on Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Dylan… Continue reading Midsemester Reflections

Hi Jasmine! I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this before, but I was just wondering… What did you major in undergrad?

Thanks for the question! I majored in psychology at Cornell, but I also didn’t decide until after college that I wanted to become a PT. It doesn’t matter what you major in in college as long as you cover the pre-reqs for the PT schools to which you’re applying, but most people in my class… Continue reading Hi Jasmine! I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this before, but I was just wondering… What did you major in undergrad?