First Week of My Affiliation

(The front door to the clinic. Isn’t it cute?) It’s week one of my first clinical affiliation and I’ve already had two days off. I wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy working three 14-hour days a week, but 2 days in, it’s going really well. Backing up for a minute, I ended eight weeks of classes… Continue reading First Week of My Affiliation

Surviving the Practical Exam

I wrote a guest post for The PT Student website about getting through practical examinations:
Guest Blogger Jasmine Marcus, SPT has done it again!  She’s back with valuable advice for physical therapy students taking anxiety-inducing lab practical exams. Although I’ve been taking multiple-c…

I’ll also put up a post about my exciting first day of my first clinical in the next day or two.

Surviving the Practical Exam

Six Conditions You May Not Realize Physical Therapists Treat

Six Conditions You May Not Realize Physical Therapists Treat

First Time Doing PT on Patients

(My BP cuff, goniometer, and stethoscope) Last week, my classmates and I were sent off in pairs on field trips to local hospitals and clinics. While we’ve been on fieldtrips before, usually we’re just there to observe the therapist and hopefully witness something we’ve heard about in class. This time, however, ahead of us being… Continue reading First Time Doing PT on Patients