Three Year Work’aversary

Three years ago, on June 15, 2015, was my first day of work as a physical therapist. Three years seems like a significant anniversary because it means I’ve now been a PT for as long as I was in PT school.

In some ways, it feels like I’ve been a PT forever, and in others, I can’t believe three years have passed so quickly. Similarly, while I realize how much I have learned and grown as a therapist with three years of experience and continuing education under my belt, I also realize how much I still have (and will always have) to learn.

My first few months of work were pretty crazy: I had just graduated, was still studying for the boards, and was finishing up planning my wedding that August. I was also getting reacquainted with living in Ithaca as an adult instead of a college undergrad. My workplace wasn’t completely unfamiliar, however, as I had spent my third clinical internship here.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed working here. I see a very diverse patient population, have fun coworkers, and luckily have a lot of mentorship. I hope the next three (plus) years bring a similar amount of growth and that I can continue improving as a physical therapist.


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